Amusnet Launches New Title “Extra Crown” – A Glamorous Twist on Classic Video Slots

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Amusnet Interactive introduces a captivating addition to its collection of video slots with the release of “Extra Crown.” Combining the timeless allure of classic video slots with a touch of glamour, this game promises an immersive experience for players.

With its 5-reel, 10 fixed lines setup, “Extra Crown” takes players on a regal journey through a kingdom adorned with vibrant fruits, enchanting bells, and lucky sevens. The game’s exquisite design draws inspiration from the world of art, ensuring that every spin feels like a masterpiece in its own right.

One of the key highlights of “Extra Crown” is the Crown Wild symbol, which offers substantial rewards to lucky players. Additionally, the Dollar and Star symbols serve as Scatters, enhancing winnings and adding excitement to the gameplay.

For those seeking even greater rewards, the Gamble feature allows players to multiply their winnings. Furthermore, the game features the Jackpot Cards Bonus game, where impressive Jackpots await fortunate players.

Amusnet’s Commitment to Innovation Recognized at CasinoBeats Game Developers Awards 2023

Amusnet continues to solidify its position as a leading figure in the iGaming industry, as evidenced by its recent triumph at the prestigious CasinoBeats Game Developers Awards 2023. The company’s popular slot game, “Fruits & Gold,” received the esteemed Game Retro-Style award. This recognition highlights the game’s captivating gameplay and innovative design, showcasing Amusnet’s dedication to pushing boundaries in game development.

In addition to the award for “Fruits & Gold,” Amusnet also received nominations for Yordan Georgiev as the product manager of 2023 and “Drops of Water” for Game Design and Art Direction. These nominations further demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence and its ongoing pursuit of creating exceptional gaming experiences.

With the launch of “Extra Crown” and its recent accolades, Amusnet continues to captivate players with its innovative and visually stunning games.

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